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Causes We Care For

Naina Foundation - An initiative to spread vision

We, Naina Foundation stand for being the channel to create vision in lives around. We want to reach out to everyone who is living with impaired vision to see this world from new eyes or through our eyes, we want to provide the best of lives, means, opportunities, education, food, the basics and more to every visually impaired person through this group.

Naina Foundation, established on 19th October 2019, with a vision to expand the vision and horizon for the ones who were doomed of sight. We have started with baby steps, one step at a time, one day at a time, one eye at time. We believe that small consistant steps in long run can create big meaningful impact.

It's not just about donating money, it's about working towards a better future for people who are deprived of certain organs. We have everything and with that we can make a positive difference for those who do not have.

This started with an emotion, something which moved our Founder seeing, feeling and experiencing a blind person’s story and now its a mission to not just empathise with visually challenged people but to be the channel to give them everything that is available to us.